Panorama™ Window System Single-Hung Windows

What are Single-Hung Vinyl Windows?

Single-hung windows are a very traditional, classic window. The bottom sash slides upwards for great ventilation. Our rugged, heavy duty extruded screen will keep the bugs outside, while you enjoy the fresh air inside. The bottom sash also tilts inwards for easy cleaning. The top half of the window is fixed and does not tilt inward or slide.

Because this window only has one sash that moves up and down, it’s perfect for smaller rooms (such as bathrooms) where space may be limited. The screens are installed on the outside of the window.

While single-hung windows may be considered traditional windows, we offer many options so they will match your home no matter what the style. Have a brick home? Colonial? Or a modern, upscale look? No matter, a single-hung window replacement will look great in your home.

We even offer shape top options—custom built, yet affordable windows that add a unique shape to the top of the window.

Compare the differences between single vs double-hung windows. Due to the similarities between the two windows, they are often considered as an alternate choice.

All our windows are made with vinyl. This greatly lowers the yearly maintenance, and makes them very energy efficient. With all our great window options, you can create them to match your style. Learn more about why vinyl windows are a great choice.

All Vista single-hung windows are custom made to within 1/16″ of your specification. If you are not sure of your sizing needs, contact one of our experienced dealers to handle the project for you.

Single Hung Windows
tilt clean
Single Hung Window

Benefits to Choosing Vista’s Single-Hung Windows

  • Multiple 1″ insulated glass system for superior energy efficiency
  • 100% VEKA virgin vinyl world-class compound formulation
  • Constant force sash balance system
  • Heavy-duty extruded screen
  • Low-profile routed tilt window latches
  • Interlocking meeting rails with triple-fin weather stripping
  • Double ventilation limit latches with snap-spring operation
  • Unique balance covers for clean, crisp aesthetics and easy cleaning
  • Bottom window sash tilts in for easy cleaning; top sash is fixed
  • Integrated shape tops available

New Window Locks

Our single-hung vinyl windows provide a difference you can see – patent pending LockAppeal Technology.

  • This new technology has no visible screws which improves the look of your windows.
  • The sleek, new design provides a smooth surface for easier everyday cleaning.
  • It complies with Forced Entry Resistance (FER) requirements, adding an extra layer of confidence and security.

Shape Top Options for Single-Hung Windows:

Vista offers various integrated shape tops for our single-hung windows. Vista seamlessly integrates the shape into the actual window, creating a larger window element. This increases the amount of natural light in the room since there is no horizontal divider separating the top shape element from the main window.This also brings the window beyond just a functional element, but allows it to become an eye catching architectural design element.